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At Cool Moving, we encourage our prospective clients to connect with us and have a chat about their requirements before choosing us for their residential or local moves. We like to make sure that you understand what we offer and why you should come to us, so get in touch right now for a free moving estimate in Philadelphia and let’s have a chat about the Cool Moving services you need.

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At Cool Moving we’ve made the whole process as simple and stress-free as it can be, so all you need to do is talk to one of our team and we’ll start the ball rolling! We’re here to make your life easier, so get in touch for getting free moving quotes in Philadelphia, PA.

Get a Free Moving Estimate Philadelphia

We’ll have a look at what needs to be moved, where to, and when, and give you a free no-obligation quote for the job! You don’t have to use us, but you will!


Plan Your Move

We do the rest for you, it’s as simple as that! Once you know when you’re moving, start planning and make sure we’re ready with all hands on the job!


Schedule Your Move

Our scheduling team will make sure we have the time slots you need to get you moved as quickly and smoothly as possible – trust us, we’re the best in the business.


We are fully licensed with the relevant and necessary bodies that govern the moving industry in the Philadelphia area. Every step of the moving process is customized to each client, and you’ll find our team to be helpful, friendly and approachable throughout.


Although Cool Moving is primarily positioned as a Philadelphia moving company, we are happy to take on any jobs, so if you need to move out of the area, get in touch and we’ll see if we are the right people for the job.


We don’t have standard rates; we have excellent rates! At Cool Moving, we know that no move jobs will be the same, so we treat each individual case as just that – individual. You’ll get a bespoke quote covering all the requirements for your move after one of our team has completed a survey and assessment and talked to you about any additional requirements you may have. We find this the most economical method of pricing move jobs. Get your free moving estimate Philadelphia today.


Whether you have a bedsit or a mansion, Cool Moving is a moving company for you, so get in touch for the very best in personal and professional move services in Philadelphia.

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